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Policies, Missed classes, Weather & Other FAQs

Art School Health & Safety Guidelines: All Staff are vaccinated or Masked

  • ALL Students in ALL Classes:  Masks are not mandatory, but suggested! Especially when exhibiting cold like symptoms. Please be respectful and supportive to our health inclusive community. 

  • NO water bottles. Water bottles spill and are hazards to artwork!

  • Please use the restroom before class to not miss instructions & creative time

  • Temperatures taken at the door

  • Hand sanitizer is to be utilized at entryway by everyone, or wash your hands prior to sitting

  • All Class sizes are capped 

  • The art studio has HEPA fans running at all times

  • Tables & chairs are sanitized after every class 

  • Of course if you are feeling ill, or have covid, please call or email that you will be staying home.  

Weather: Class changes or cancellations due to weather or unexpected circumstances will be notified via email
and posted on social media. These classes will be made up when possible or credit issued.


The class is full, will there be another one?
Yes, classes run for the full academic year, September through early June.  Courses run every 5-6 weeks, breaking for holidays and

any specific dates listed in the course descriptions. We then switch to a camp schedule for July.

Can I stay to watch the class?
 For the comfort and safety of all my artists, classes and workshops are drop-off format.

My Child has special needs, can you accommodate them?
While I am certified in elementary & secondary art education, I am not certified in special education. 

If your child has an aid in school, they will also need one here.  You can send an adult to remain with your child.

Please email ahead to discuss arrangements. 
Do you offer private lessons?
 NO private lessons are offered at the present time. 

Can I join class late? 
Art classes have a consecutive thread of instruction and assignments that build on weekly skills.  However, an allowance might be made if there is room and you've only missed the 1st class. There is no late registration fee, but prorating is not available.   

 My child doesn't meet the age requirement. can I sign them up for a higher class anyway?
 No.   Students hit certain benchmarks at different ages developmentally, socially and emotionally. We do not rush artists to fit into classes before they are ready.   If it becomes evident that a student has enrolled in class before the age group requirement, their enrollment will be terminated on the spot with no refund. 


Behavior Policy:

There is one main rule at the art studio.  Respect.  

Respect each other, the teacher, the materials, and the art school studio.   

If student behavior steps over the line, a phone call or email will be made to the family.  

Disruptive & disrespectful behavior affects the learning of other students.   If more than one discussion with the family needs to be made, disruptive students will be asked to discontinue classes at the family’s expense (no refunds).  Behavior that poses a threat to other students, the studio, or myself will be asked to leave immediately.

Late drop-off:  Traffic happens! There is a 5-minute grace period. However, if more than 10 min late it is disruptive to class & unfair to your artist causing them to miss all instructions. 
Late pick up:   Please do your best to be prompt for pick up!  *Note If routinely late,  $8 per minute will be charged 

Missed Class/camp Policies 

  • The art studio is closed for major holidays & any dates in your class listing.  

  • Classes canceled due to instructor absence, inclement weather, or unforeseen circumstances will be made up at the end, or credit given.

  • Students who miss the class of their own accord, vacation, or other activity will not receive a refund, credit, or make-up opportunity. However, materials may be picked up to work on projects at home to stay current.

  • Student Make-up classes are not offered at this time.  

Missed Workshops

Individuals who miss workshops do so at their own loss. There are no refunds as there is no time to advertise & fill your empty seat.  However, you may transfer your workshop ticket to a friend, just call the studio & tell us for our attendance sheet. 

Art Class Withdrawl/Refund Policy:
  • Individuals who withdraw from their class up to 2 weeks before it begins, may do so less $35 class fee.  The fee is due to credit card fees, advertising for the class seat at a premium, and purchasing materials based on class numbers.

  • An enrolled student withdrawing 1 week before, or after it begins, will receive no refund, unless outstanding circumstances exist.  If that is the case, credit may be extended to a class of equal value, minus the class attended and less the 35% class fee.  This credit must be used within 6 months. Otherwise, it can be handled case by case, at the sole discretion of the owner, minus a cancellation fee.

  • If a student withdraws after the second class, no refunds or credit will be issued.

  • Students who fail to show up, will not be refunded.

Art Camp Withdrawl/Refund Policy:

  • If notice is given 90 days or more before the start date: full refund is given less a $35 processing fee.

  • If notice is given 60 days,  before the start date: a refund is given less a $60 processing fee.

  • With less than 30 days' notice given, no refunds will be given. 

  • Students who fail to show up, will not be refunded.

 The processing fees cover the forever climbing website and credit card fees, advertising for the class seat at a premium, plus quality art materials. Thank you for understanding that this art school is a small business, not a franchise, and the livelihood of my family! 

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